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Julia Feld

Julia Feld received her BFA from San Jose State University and is currently completing her MFA inStudio Art from the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. Her work combines an abstract curvilinear sculptural form with surreal narrative painting to create an illusion of dynamically changing reality.

"In my sculptures I am trying to convey an internal world of a person, as if it is contained inside a closed form, or like a figure that undergoes an inversion on a complex plane. I am looking for a three-dimensional space that can hold an external world. A world remembered or imagined from the past, a world that is forced by the inversion to live inside a ceramic sculpture, a world that smoothly transitions from one dimensionality to the other, a world of a dream with a broken and twisted perspective."

I Can Fix It
I Can Fix It
Stoneware, hand-painted with Amaco underglazes
22" h x 9" w x 8" d

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