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Madison O'Neal

"My goal as an artist is to find a connection with humanity using my hands and earth, and I do this by creating ceramic art that serves a tangible purpose to people. I find great beauty in utilitarian objects. My pottery is often simplistic, without much adornment, created with a decisive purpose- I am guided by these principles in my work. There is a direct relationship between the form of the object and its use, the graceful curve of the vase’s walls, the understated arc of the cup’s handle, the way the bowl feels when it rests in your hands. These are the fine details that are important to me when creating. I am fascinated by the idea of making something that is not only useful, but a piece of art that someone can see and hold every day, and ideally develop a special bond with. There is beauty in the everyday ordinary objects we use, my goal is for someone to pick up a piece of my art and have it truly become his."


Madison O'Neal - Tea Creatures Series
Tea Creature Series
Luster-fired ceramic | 2.25" h x 5" w x 4" d

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