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Jonathan Hernandez

"As an observer, I take from objects I see around me with the hope of connecting a diverse humanity to a complex world. From the world as it was, to the world as it has been made, society as a whole has tended to segregate. I am searching for a link between the past, present, and future to bring people together through art. I work with a variety of media since I feel they work together as one to connect human emotion to the observer. While working with clay I feel a comforting warmth flow through my hands and it soothes my mind. I feel the resistance of the metal as I form it with the heat and pressure required to break its stubborn bond and I sense the unforgiving nature of the wood as every move made with the tool will determine its final outcome. Transferring the emotion placed in art to the eye of the observer motivates me to create art."


Jonathan Hernandez - Band and Brand Series #1
Band & Brand Series #1
Luster-fired ceramic | 3" h x 2.75" dia

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