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Nina de Creeft Ward

Nina de Creeft Ward's ceramics and monoprints reflect the animal kingdom, with a focus on antelope, goats and sheep.

"My mother raised goats and I have a basic, loving familiarity with that animal.  When I see an antelope, I see a pretty fancy sort of goat, and my heart reaches out to him. When I take my bag of drawing things under my arm and set out with a high heart to draw at a zoo, a magnetic force pulls me toward the hoofed stock. There is something compelling about familiar shapes and attitudes made strange and exotic. Drawing, for me, is an effort to capture the animal and the living images of the animals I fix in my mind through drawing are there with me when I work with clay."

View article written about Nina de Creeft Ward in CASA Magazine:
"Awakening the Animal Psyche"
August 14, 2015
by Jeanette Casillas

Tribute to an Icon
Tribute to an Icon
Clay, raku fired | 26" h x 16" w x 13" d

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